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Natural Windanizing Objects.  Grass Being droped, Clouds - Tumble weeds - Birds soaring - Smoke - Water spray - Snow drifts - Fall Falling Leaf - Dandelions seed balls - Birds Soaring - Dust Blowing -

Mand Made Windanizing Objects.  Kites - Weather Vains - Wind socks - Scarfs - Paper airplanes - Flags - Blowing Bubbles - Smoke -
High Rise Painting

Several Ways to Windanize

1 -   Set Small flags around area on ground below your painting project

2 - Put a flag on antenna of some cars or trucks   in the area

3 - if you are up high on  a project,  put a flag above you and below you, to the right to the left

Remember the wind can blow different directions  at lower and higher elevations

The wind can  change directions  because of a building, called up drafts.

You look up at the clouds and they are going the opposite
direction of the wind blowing on the ground

Viewing an object that tell you what direction the wind is blowing.  Windanizing Objects.  Kites, Weather Vains, Wind socks, Scarfs, Paper airplanes, Flags, Blowing Bubbles, Smoke, Birds Soaring

Windanizing is a word that Great Western Painting coined to communicate with it's
 Forman's and employees to ensure they are aware of the wind direction on a painting project to prevent over spray

People have used Windanizing objects for years and did not relies that they were infect being part of the Windanizing definition

1 - A truck driver is driving down a highway and is trying to figure out which way the wind is blowing. Does he have a head wind or a tail wind? What can he do their are no flags or wind socks to see. So as he is driving  he watches the cattle fence line  along the highway.  Sure enough their is a plastic bag caught on the fence blowing the same direction he is going. Yes a tail wind.
 Now he sits back
and does not worry about how much diesel he will be using.
 Tail winds save lots of fuel in big Rigs..
  2 - Tumbleweeds - You look out of the window you don't see any trees or bushes  to tell which way the wind is blowing. All of a sudden  there it is a tumble weed  blowing down the street. Problem solved  "You know which direction to go when you leave.This avenue of Windanizing was used extensively in the travalsof covered wagons in the old west

I was a painter for Oklahoma Commercial Painting. I would get up in the morning and look out my back window, and see how fast the tumble weeds wer going. I would call my boss and tell him. If it was blowing hard  He would say Let's go to breakfeast  and let the wind die down Yes Denny's again I love tumble weeds
  3 - Golfing
Most plans on scorecards have an arrow pointing to the North. It is the easiest thing to determine from which direction the wind is blowing by just looking at the scorecard! A wet forefinger also works.
I've been told by a professional player that when doing the grass trick you should count the seconds before the blades reach the ground to determine the strength of the wind.
4 - Leaf Blowing   . Do I need to Windazise? Yes  Look to see which way the leaves are blowing on the ground & then blow the leaves  the same direction as the leaves ar going.   5 - Blowing Bubbles  Which direction do the bubbles go? And remember bubbles are easy to watch as they even go around buildings or up , side ways. By far the best way to Windanize   6 - Dandelions  You Spray your dandelions  and then you notice the neighbors lawn Full of dandelions seed balls.  You hope they blow the other way. What do you do?  You watch which way the seeds are blowing That's right you are Windanizing  

Boise Idaho lawn care
Great Basin Safety  Understands the inportance of knowing the wind direction that MSHA Training   MSHA Talk  
 Shows photos and arterials on safety
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Is is a lot cheaper to set up flags then to clean over spray
The most inportant thing a spray painter can do is put a salt shaker
full of flower in his pocket.
What he does is before he starts to spray take the shaker and shake out some flower
and that will tell him the direction of the paint spray at his location.
Hunters use this method all the time to make sure they are
up wind from their target

              Painters worst emeny  The Wind 
"Don't worry we will be Windanizing the project at Texas Industrial Painting.
We promote Windanizing on all our jobs.

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Balloons make great windanizing objects

People can be used to windanize and have fun at it

Yes kites are an insterment of windanizing


There are a variety of instruments used to measure wind direction, such as the windsock and wind vane. Both of these instruments work by moving to minimize air resistance. The way a weather
vane is pointed by prevailing winds indicates the direction from which the wind is blowing. The larger opening of a windsock faces the direction that the wind is blowing from; its tail, with the smaller
opening, points in the direction the wind is blowing.

Modern instruments used to measure wind speed and direction are called anemometers and wind vanes respectively. These types of instruments are used by the wind energy industry,
 both for wind resource assessment and turbine control.

In primitive situations where these modern instruments are not available, a person can use the index finger to test the direction of wind. This would be done by wetting the finger and pointing it upwards. Thus, the side
 of the finger which feels cool is the direction from which wind is blowing. The coolness is caused by an increased rate of evaporation of the moisture on the finger due to the air flow across the finger, and thus the
 "finger technique" of measuring wind direction does not work well in either very humid or very hot conditions. The same principle is used to measure the dew point (using a sling psychrometer, a more accurate instrument
than the human finger). One may also take a pinch of grass and drop it, the direction that the grass falls is the direction the wind is blowing. This last technique is often used by
golfers because it allows them to gauge the strength of the wind as well.
Wind direction is a critical element of weather reporting. Both amateur weather watchers and professional meteorologists need to know the direction winds are blowing to make accurate weather assessments and forecasts. Wind can be tested by mechanical means using wind socks or wind vanes to tell the prevailing wind direction. Electronic equipment that beams accurate wind readings to monitors is especially useful at remote and off-shore marine sites. Know the geographic orientation at your wind equipment location so you can instantly tell which direction the wind is blowing.

Wind direction influences upcoming weather, and knowing the direction of the wind aids with weather forecasting. A wind direction atypical for the season and location signals changing weather.
In the northern hemisphere, winds from the north generally bring in colder air, and warmer air flows with winds from the south. Abrupt changes in wind direction are caused by
 frontal passages or thunderstorm activity. Winds passing over large bodies of water can bring humidity, rain or "lake effect snow."
Weather balloons are filled with lighter-than-air gasses that allow them to rise up to 20 miles into the sky and drift up to 180 miles, gathering information about temperature,
 humidity, air pressure

 and wind speed and direction.

You have weather balloons

Weather balloons also track wind speed and direction. Knowing if winds are coming toward you and at what speed can help predict thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes and cyclones or just let you know you will have a light breeze for your picnic. In 1806, a British naval commander created the Beaufort scale to measure wind speed. Balloons are Great for windanizing







Fireman looks at he smoke direction and then knows where he should be to be safe,  while doing his job
    Helicopters Windanize the situation ,by watching which way the smoke is going.

Smoke is a natural windanizing object.
and it can change quickley.

You see and smell smoke  wile camping
 what do you do?
Climb a hill or tree to see the smoke and fires direction
 Yes Windanize the situation and
save you and your family

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 buy using Fire Proof Paint.

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Eagal Soaring  with the wind direction

Dust Blowing



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Another Windanizing act"  People put a ribbon tied to the vent of a cooler, or heating vent to let them know if the air is on.

Merriam-Webster's Dictionary

Windanizing (noun) : an act of looking at an object (such as a weather vane,
windsock, or flag) outdoors to determine which way the wind is blowing

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